Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ahoy, little baby girl!

 Ahoy friends! I hope you all have enjoyed your Spring and ready to welcome Summer! I know I have! Anchors and springtime just seem to go together, don't they? Today's little gifts were made for a dear friend who is having her baby very soon but under distressing circumstances, unfortunately. Because the baby is coming early I had to quickly put this gift together. I wish I would have had a little more time, but it is what it is.

These shoes are some of my favorite that I have made to date. I just love the pink polka dot lining paired with the anchor fabric. The anchor button attached to the rosettes on the toes are just too cute! I had a lot of fun with these. The buttons are a bit heavy so the baby will get a nice workout kicking her feet in these little booties. Ha ha!

 I quickly whipped up a head band collection that I am sure she will get some good use of. I just love the felt bows so much. I thought they looked cute against the navy blue paper.

 I especially like packaging them up like this for a nice boutique feel. I made them quite small since her baby will be small due to the complications she is facing.
 Here is the bib that I made. I found all of the fabric at Wal-mart, of all places. They actually have a nice little selection of fat quarters that I fell in love with. Fat quarters work very well for making the little shoes and the bibs because they have just enough fabric for a great price.

 I'm not planning on sharing the paper creations on my other blog: Flutterbyatomicbutterfly so I will just share them here. This is a tiny "Baby's first year" flip book that I have come up with. I made my first one a little over a year ago for one of my other friends. You can check it out a few posts down. She has raved about it and it has become one of the things the recipients of my gifts really enjoy, so now it has become one of my "signature" items to give.

You can see one of the inside pages here. I have a page for what you see here, each month of their first year and then a back page where it lists all of the baby's "firsts" that happened that year. They are so fun to make and really a fun gift to give as well.

As I mentioned before, I was running out of time, so she just got a quick 3 by 3 card to write a quick salutation of well wishes. Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing.


Debra said...

She is a lucky girl to get these items! Those baby shoes are adorable, as are the headbands and packaged up in the bag just make it perfect. The baby book is amazing. I hope everything goes well for her!

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