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Rag Quilt Instructions!!

Can you believe it has taken me since June to post something else? Anyway, I posted a quilt on my other blog and I promised instructions here. I stopped taking photos the further I progressed in the quilt because I doubted I would really post it, but I decided to in the end. If you have any questions, email me at and I will try and answer them. The size of quilt that I will be posting instructions is a square baby size that fits nicely over a car seat or to lay down for play.

Before Beginning, you will need:

Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter

Acrylic square quilting ruler as seen in my photo

3 yards total Flannel. I chose 3 different prints one yard each

*I like getting the best Flannel available because it doesn't pill easily)

good pins

Sewing Machine and coordinating thread (one spool will be plenty for this size of quilt)

Good scissors for clipping fabric

Washing Machine and Dryer

Step1: Cut your fabric into 5 inch strips and then…

A Quilt and a Card

Wow! Who knew it would take me 3 months to actually post to this blog. I am really in the mood to sew and get my hands on some yummy fabric. I decided to share a quilt I made back in 2003 before my daughter was born. It now hangs on my son's bedroom wall. It has some *personality* if you will. LOL! I see lots of things I would have done differently, but I can't change it now. I *think* the fabric is from Moda, but I can't remember exactly. I am sorry for not having a source. I also added a card that I made today using the new Hen image from The Saltbox Studio. I absolutely love it. I designed this card from a quilt I saw on a Windham Fabrics magazine ad. I loved it. I pulled out some of my Old School pattern paper from 1999 etc. It just goes to show that you never know when you are going to need some of that older stuff! LOL!

Sew it Seams

Hello! This feels really strange to be starting a second blog. I decided to start a new blog in conjuction with my current blog to showcase another part of my life. I absolutely love to sew and to create using fabrics rather than paper. The fabric store is equally as exciting and enticing as a row of pattern paper. Through this blog I hope to share my sewing and needle art projects that I have already made and those that I will make and share in the future. As much as I would have liked to have shared these projects on my other blog, I felt that these projects needed a completely new forum. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey as I create and hopefully inspire others. I really wanted to title my blog "Sew it Seams", but it was already taken, so I decided to use it for my first entry.

A little history; I began taking sewing classes back in Jr. High School and liked it okay. I then took sewing classes in High School and fell in love. No...not with the projects that w…