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Babies are heaven sent

One of the ladies my sister  works with asked me to make some baby goodies to give to her new grandbaby. The parents to be really like orange and blue so I went to my favorite quilt/fabric store and picked out some cute fabric. The felt the shoes are made out of is "vintage blue" from MFT.
 I also made a few things for a friend's grandbaby who had a "storybook" shower last weekend. I whipped up a few things for her as well with the same fabric.

 I packaged everything up in one of my classic book boxes that I love making (no pun intended). It fit the storybook theme perfectly.
 Instead of a card, I made a library card & pocket for the inside of the book. I thought it was a cute thematic touch. You can see the box opened in the photo below. I have so much fun working on baby things. I oftentimes share things on Instagram that I don't blog about. Follow me @kellylunceford to stay up to date on all of my projects!