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Halloween {Flutterby} Baskets

Happy  Halloween! I hope you all have a frighteningly good time tonight and be SAFE!!! I've had so much fun doing all of my Halloween papercrafting and sewing! Today I am sharing some of my {Flutterby} baskets that will be headed to my boys' teachers today! I've packaged them up with all kind of fun Halloween goodies!
I have a tutorial on these baskets that you can see HERE. These have been so fun to make for different occasions. I have some plans for some holiday ones as well. I can't wait to go fabric shopping!
I got very lucky by picking my fabrics last minute because they had a huge selection and they were ALL 50 % off! Sometimes the early bird DOESN'T get the worm! LOL! I chose fabrics that appealed to me rather than keeping in "collections". I feel like these all work well together and represent my favorite Halloween aesthetic. 
I asked for a yard each of the orange and black pom-poms hoping that I would be able to incorporate them somehow! I think the…

Keeping Christmas {Holiday Rice Warmers}

"I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year long!" ~Charles Dickens

Hello and Welcome to November's installment of my Keeping Christmas 2017 series! Today I am sharing one of my holiday classics; the rice warmer. I had some flannel left over from last year's bags, so I figured I would whip some up to share with all of you! I particularly love making these for Christmas gifts because they are aren't gender specific and come in handy for anyone! I literally cannot get through the Winter months without keeping one of these handy! I use it in my bed, or just when I am sitting down relaxing watching a movie or reading! I just love them!

I plan on packaging these up with a canister of Hot Coca wrapped in cellophane! They look so festive under the Christmas tree until they are ready to be gifted! To begin, cut your flannel 7 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches. With right sides together, sew around the entire perimeter of the fabric, leaving a 3 inch openin…