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So many girls...

For the past few months I have had baby showers to go to and ALL for baby girls!  There is something in the air!  This little ensemble was made in addition to the other stuff I had already made her ( i will share later). It didn't match the other stuff, so it was packaged separately.  I have made so many of these shoes now...they are seriously addicting.  The head band was made using different kinds of ribbon, fabric, a pre-made flower (Yay for Prima)
The pink Dahlia was purchased and glued on and the pearls were stitched on using needle and thread.  The feather was added last using hot glue! I have used more hot glue in the past two years than I have in my entire life. I had begun to think the world really didn't need hot-glue anymore....boy, was I wrong.  It was all added to some stretchy lace.
The shoes were made from the left over fabric I used in my post one before the last.  It is some of my favorite, but I like getting it used up rather than hoarding it.   I hope she l…