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Sweet Divinity Baby Bib

Hello! It's me again! Shocking I know, but here nonetheless! I am excited to share the baby bib I worked on yesterday. I used the scraps from my quilt from my last post to make a quick bib. It is the same as all of my Cute as a button as far as the squares being constructed, but I made a few changes on this one. Since I am right in the middle of putting bibs on my little one at least 3 times a day, I decided to add a snap for the closure. I usually put double fold bias tape and have a tie, but sometimes you are just in a hurry, baby is cranky and tying a bow is the last thing that you want to do. I hope that the snap holds us. I used the Prym-Dritz snap system and I have had trouble before on another project, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the snap will hold up!

I also changed things up and did the decorative stitching vertical, rather than on the diagonal. I chose to do it this way simply because of the pattern of the fabric that I ended up using right in the middle. I d…

Sweet Divinity Baby Quilt

A friend of mine is adopting a baby any day now and I wanted to make her a quilt for her new little bundle. I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful fabric from Riley Blake Designs called "Sweet Divinity". The sample at the store used pinwheels on their design so I decided to use pinwheels for mine as well. I have done pinwheels before, so I didn't have to fiddle at all. I wanted a smaller, more blankety quilt; something that she could throw on the baby while in the car seat or cuddle up with. I have had larger quilts and because of the bulk, they really aren't comfortable or practical. I didn't use regular batting, either. I opted for diaper flannel and it worked out perfectly.

I machine quilted it myself but didn't do anything too fancy.  I added the rick-rack to liven it up and I really like how it turned out. You have no idea how much I wanted to add buttons, but they are a choking hazard, unfortunately. A friend of mine has her daughter machine qui…

Car Seat Cover-Up

Before Rowan was born, I really wanted to get a car seat cover made. I quickly whipped this up and I am so glad that I have it. The genius that came up with this idea really needs to be congratulated. The last time I used a baby seat, I just put a blanket over the top and called it good. These are so handy and they stay in place and don't slip off, etc. etc.....

I don't know the line of fabric for the top, but the lining is fabric from "My Mind's Eye". I had to laugh that of all the fabrics, I would pick one from a paper designer as well. I like having the darker fabric on the bottom, since it makes it nice and dark when Rowan is sleeping in there. When I was buying my fabric, I asked the sewing shop clerk if she knew the dimensions that I should use (at this time, we hadn't bought the car seat). She told me to make my cover 42 inches by 42 inches with rounded corners. The extra fabric was used to make the handles, which really need to be measured based on wh…

Crayon Carry-All

The other day I got a little bee in my bonnet and decided to try my hand at making a bag for my daughter's friend for one of her Birthday gifts. I had made her a card and thought that a coordinating sewn project would be fun. I had a couple of fat quarters lying around that I had purchased a few years ago to make some bibs. I decided that they would work perfectly for my project.

I had seen a bag similar to this a while back at the sewing store, but it was made with loud, bright colors and wasn't my cup of tea, if you will. Since I don't have a pattern, I just had to make it up as I went along. The only goal I had was that it would be large enough to hold coloring books and that the small slots would be the right size to hold crayons; mission accomplished. Since I had the four fabrics, I decided to use each pattern for an element on the bag. I really like how it turned out and I hope she likes it.

I used one of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine for the top of th…

"Cute as a Button" star bib

I had some extra fabric left over from another baby project that I still need to share. I also had a baby project that I needed to put together for Papertrey Ink, so I decided to incoporate the left over fabric into the project to create a theme. You can see the sneak peek here. The bib is one of the projects housed inside the box. When I sold these bibs in the various boutiques I did, I called them "Cute as a Button" baby bibs, hence the title of today's post.

I created a tag to accompany the bib, which you can see in this photo. As I have mentioned before, I don't have a pattern for these bibs. I have just made it up as I have gone along, but I will give you the basic instructions.
Step 1: You will need (11) 3 1/2 inch squares of assorted fabrics. You will also need enough fabric for the back. You will also need double fold bias tape for the neck and tie.

Step 2: Create a 9 patch square, assembling fabric as desired. Add the two extra squares to the right and left t…

Dots and Damask Rag Quilt

As promised, here are the photos of the rag quilt that I made for my baby. It has been sitting here done for over a week now, but the sky has been so hazy that getting a good photograph has proven to be tough. Today, the sun has peeked through for a while so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos.
I have a bajillion blankets from my oldest, but of course the new baby needs new things that are just for him. I had a lot of fun sewing this and picking the fabrics. I asked the sales lady at the quilt shop if the patterns looked too girly and she assured me that they didn't. Now that it is done, I don't think it looks girly. They had the same fabrics but with pink and brown and I am itching to make a girl one as well. I don't know of anyone who is having a girl, but I could always make it and save it for the next baby girl.
This particular quilt is 8 squares across by 8 squares down, rather than the 9 that I normally do. I was one square off from having enough to do 9, …