Monday, March 8, 2010

Car Seat Cover-Up

Before Rowan was born, I really wanted to get a car seat cover made. I quickly whipped this up and I am so glad that I have it. The genius that came up with this idea really needs to be congratulated. The last time I used a baby seat, I just put a blanket over the top and called it good. These are so handy and they stay in place and don't slip off, etc. etc.....

I don't know the line of fabric for the top, but the lining is fabric from "My Mind's Eye". I had to laugh that of all the fabrics, I would pick one from a paper designer as well. I like having the darker fabric on the bottom, since it makes it nice and dark when Rowan is sleeping in there.
When I was buying my fabric, I asked the sewing shop clerk if she knew the dimensions that I should use (at this time, we hadn't bought the car seat). She told me to make my cover 42 inches by 42 inches with rounded corners. The extra fabric was used to make the handles, which really need to be measured based on what car seat you will be using.
I also added some super jumbo ric-rac to the edges, which I really like. It gives it some extra detail which I like.
The clerk suggested I use velcro for the handles, but I didnt have any that wasn't sticky back, so I simply made button holes and sewed on some buttons. Easy, Peasy and I didn't have to run to the store for extra supplies.

Of course, this is the best part...getting to see the sweet little bundle underneath. I get compliments on the car seat cover and the baby everywhere I go! LOL! I actually have been wanting to make another one, so that when I have one in the wash, I have another one to use.


purplestamper316 said...

wow! this is just perfect! and what a handsome little guy :) congrats & God bless ><>

Elaine M said...

Oh! your car seat cover-up is perfect - and so is your little man!

Lesley said...

Such a pretty cover and what a cutie Rowan is!!!
Lesley x

The Apple Crate said...

Do you have a tutorial for this? I am expecting my first baby and would love to make something similar! Is it just a large 42" square with rounded corners? How did you attach the handles? Thanks for any insight! :)