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Simple Halloween Skirt

Hello! I hope you are all getting ready for a spooktacular Halloween! I know I am! We took the kids to the corn maze/pumpkin patch last week and while we were there I saw some girls in some cute skirts, so it made me itch to make one for Emma! I found all of my fabric choices at Hobby Lobby and while they aren't Hallween prints, they work! I knew I wanted a black and white, green, orange and purple so I looked high and low to find the perfect prints. I try and do all of my sewing while the babies are napping, so I knew I had to make it quick.

For the top, I simply sewed strips of quarter yard fabric together in each of the five prints. For the bottom, I cut 5 inch squares of all of the fabrics, sewed them together in a line (like a quilt) and then folded it in half, pressed it and sewed it to the top portion.

I really liked how the different seams came together to give it a quirky look.

Once that was done, I was able to sew the printed ribbon to the bottom. It is from Martha Stewart and I have been hoarding it for years. It was the perfect project to use it on. After the ribbon was in place, I sewed the whole thing into a tube. I made a simple elastic waistband and I was done.....well....almost. I had to add a few buttons to the bottom. I chose to add one where each of the large panels intersected with the bottom band. I alternated between black, green and white. I think it gave it just the right amount of extra for a simple skirt! LOL!

Forgive me for the photos...I took them in the morning before school, so the light wasn't right, yet. The thing I like about this skirt is that you can turn it whichever way for the front or back depending on what shirt you use. I had so much fun making it and I have some left over fabric that I might make a table runner with it. We shall see......

We are having a Halloween party this Saturday for my kids and their friends so I will be busy. I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

Thank you Emma for being such a great little model.


Laurie said…
Kelly, It turned out so cute! Also Rhys is so darn adorable-love the pics on your other blog! I need to give that boy some squeezes!! :)
What a darling Halloween skirt -- JUST perfect! It has been SO many years since I have made a Halloween costume -- Oh, the memories this has brought back!

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