Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gifts for a *Sweet Baby*

 I have been busy making fun things for a baby shower I went to a couple of weeks ago.  It all started with the paper that I found to make a little "baby's first year" album.  From there, I got a little carried away making two bibs, decorated a onesie, and three head bands.  I also purchased a darling rose blanket that you can see in the background of the photo with the gift ensemble.  I have instructed my family that if I get pregnant with a girl, they are to go directly and purchase the same blanket! LOL!
 For those of you who have visited this blog before have probably seen my bibs that I make.  I couldn't resist adding a few fabric rosettes to the neckline.  My poor baby Rhys was my model as I decided where I liked them best. He would make a sweet girl I have to admit! My husband told me to stop trying all of the headbands on him, too!
 You can see the detail a little bit better in this photo.  Emma has requested that I make her a dress using this same fabric and I was told to put rosettes "all over it". She will get the dress....just not with rosettes all over it!
 AS you can see here, I continued on with the theme, but added a stamped sentiment. I ironed it after it was stamped, but I don't know how well it will stay on.  I also sewed a few ruffles to the back side of the onesie, but I couldn't get a good photo.
 Here is bib number 2. I call this the bib that almost wasn't. I thought I could hurry and whip "just one more" right before the shower, but I was put in my place.  Hopefully it will wash up okay.
Finally, I made her some headbands. Baby girls can never have too many headbands or bows.  I do apologize for the photos. I was in such a mad dash to get everything photographed before I got it all wrapped.  I was really pressed for time, but I think you get the idea!  If you would like to see the card I made to go with the gift and a little more info on the mini-album, you can check it out here .

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Jenny said...

WOW!!! THis is an amazing set! I'm sure the mother was 'tickled pink' with it!! I love those fabric rosettes. do you have a tutorial on how you do them? On cards I use hot glue, but I am wondering about ones you put on clothing?