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Keeping Christmas {Tiny Sewn Stockings} and tutorial

Hello! It's been a while since I have posted anything on this blog, so I am thrilled to be here today sharing a fun project for my Keeping Christmas series. I was given the cutest little stocking filled with candy and treats for Christmas 2018. I kept it on the window sill above my desk so that it could remind me that I wanted to see if I could recreate it. My cute Stampin' Up! demonstrator gave it to me for Christmas and I think it was part of their "Paper Pumpkin" line, but I could be wrong. I turned it inside out and traced it so that I could make some of my own. I do want to let everyone know that I am not claiming that this pattern is mine. I simply traced it and am now sharing it here. I will include a printable file for you, but our computer is in the shop right now so I can't get it uploaded. I will edit this post as soon as it becomes available. To begin, I pinned the pattern onto a double thickness of fabric right sides together.

I trimmed around the edges using my good  scissors. Once it was cut, I was able to remove the pins and sew around the edges, leaving the top open.

I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance for all of my sewing for today's project. 

Once it was sewn together, I ease clipped the toe and heel so that it would lay flat and have those nice curves.

I turned it right side out and pressed it using a hot iron.

For the cuff, you will need to cut a 4 by 6 1/2 inch piece of coordinating fabric.

Sew it along the edge to create a tube.

Press the seam open to reduce bulk in the finished piece.

Fold it in half with wrong sides together.

You can see the tube shape better here.

Place it inside the stocking as shown.

I put the seam in the back, but you will need to decide which direction you want the front of your stocking to go. I like the toe to go to the right, so that is how I decided what the "back" would be.

Because these stockings are so tiny, this part gets a little tricky. You need to place it on the sewing machine as shown.

Sew around the perimeter pulling the fabric out of the way so it doesn't get caught in the needle or presser foot. Rotate the stocking a little bit as you go.

Pull it out and fold it over the top of the stocking.

Once it is pulled out, give it a good press with the iron and you are finished! Yay! This is such a fun and easy project and you can whip out quite a few of these in no time at all!
I made 4 total, but will be making more in the future! I hope you've enjoyed today's tutorial. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will answer it as best as I can. Thanks so much!


Cynthia said…
Since I have made the hand-warmers and little baskets, I may try this sweet project too. They are fun and do not require much fabric, only I may wait until June or July. Thanks for posting!

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