Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bundles of Babies

 I have been working hard this past week getting all kinds of baby goodies ready for a shower I am headed to on Saturday. I had another baby shower last Saturday! Whew! Like I said, Bundles of Babies! I have already given this particular friend some of my handmade baby items that you can see here a few years ago, so I didn't go overboard this time around.  Every baby is special and deserves some fun stuff. I did buy her a few fun new outfits, too. I just love baby girl clothes!

  You can see a little snippet of the handmade card I made to go with her gift.  Last time I didn't have time for the card so it was a super quick last minute throw-together, so I decided to spend a little more time on it this time around.  I will link the details about that when I get that post ready on my other blog. can check it out here. Also, over that last few years I have had quite a few emails and questions about the shoes I make. The pattern is from a local quilt shop and the pattern is called "Beaded Baby Shoes". The quilt shop is called "Pipers Quilts and Comforts" and you can visit them at or call them at 801-484-5890. I hope that information helps. I also do custom orders as well and take payment through pay pal if you would like to order a pair from me.  You can see all of the different ones I have made by visiting the link on the sidebar called "shoes".

I made her quite a few headbands because I was on a roll. They are so fun to make and so easy, especially when you have everything out.

 I made a couple of bows, a couple of felt flowers and one with just a big daisy since I don't think I will use those daisies on anything else. LOL!

You can see the rag quilt I made her here. I have had the fabric for a few years now and thought it better get used for her.  I love how it turned out.

With the last baby ensemble I shared, I showed a little picture of a baby's first year tag book I made but the picture was awful, so I made a new one and you can see it a little better here. I will also be sharing the details of this on my other blog as well.

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