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Crocheted Baby Girl Headband

Back in the fall, I fell in love with a baby headband, and knew that I could (with the help of my dear Mom) recreate the same idea. I mentioned before while I was working on my baby gifts for my SIL that I had commissioned my Mom for a project. Well, here it is! My sweet Mom crocheted the beautiful flowers for the headband and all I did was hot glue them to the stretchy lace and add the half-back pearls.

I really love how it turned out and while I didn't find the exact lace that I wanted, I did fall in love with this Tulle/Eyelet lace elastic that I did find.

I really love the different colors of crochet thread that my Mom used as well. We tried matching it to the lace, but in the end I suggested using multi colors so that it wouldn't matter so much. I also realized that it might work for more outfits that way, too!

I was in a hurry to get the basket of gifts all put together so that I could bring it to our family Christmas party on Christmas Eve, so I simply stretched it across a Lullaby CD that I had included with her gift. While I would have loved to create a sweet box for it, I simplified and made due. I thought it looked cute anyway. I am thrilled with all of the things that I was able to accomplish for her gift and I had so much fun making them. Now, I can focus on getting the sewing projects done for my little bundle as well. I just finished one of his quilts last night as the kids were playing the Wii that my son recieved for Christmas. It was nice to just sit and hear them giggle while playing and knowing that there were no more deadlines. I will post the quilt after I get it photographed in the next day or two.


Tracy Y. said…
What an adorable headband! I have been trying to crochet these little flowers to add to my cards, and now I have another project to add them to! The young moms at church have been making hair bows like crazy for their daughters. I can't wait to make your mother's lovely headband version to show them!!
Dee Dee said…
Totally sweet. :)

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