Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handmade Bib

Years ago, before my daughter was born, my Mom was given a bib by a friend, who's mother had made it and was found after her death. She gave it to me and I was inspired. It was retro, to say the least; retro in the 70's calico kind of retro, so I never used it, but knew that I could recreate my own bibs using all of the fun fabrics available. I have made many bibs over the years since then. I have made oodles for my daughter, for gifts and I even sold them at a few Christmas Boutiques a couple of years ago. They are super fun to make.

Of course I needed to make one to accompany my SIL's baby gift ensemble that I have been working on over the last few weeks. I found some cute fabric that matched the dress that I will be giving her. I decided to add some ric-rac to the outside edge for some added detail and I really like how it turned out.

I am fortunate that my sewing machine has quite a few fun, decorative stitches that have come in handy over the years. I think adding the diagonal stitches really add to the overall design.

Since I was only given the bib and not a pattern, I have had to fiddle and learn through mistakes what works and what doesn't, so unfortunately I don't have a resource for a pattern. If you are interested in instructions, I could possibly put together a tutorial and post it here.

Once the bib was done, I got to work creating a gift box for it. I simply used a template that I have used for years, which is meant to hold A-2 cards, but has been used for bibs as well. I used the same colors, supplies, etc. that I used on her card to keep the theme going. I only have one more project to get done for her and I have commissioned my Mom for a project that I can't personally make, so I will share those when they are done and then the baby stuff will be complete. Just in the nick of time, too, since she is due in a few days. I will then begin on my baby boy projects that I am itching to get started.


Marisa said...

What a darling bib!! Love the decorative stitching across the bib and what fun colours. I'm sure she will love it :D

memoryfairy said...

That is an adorable bib! Makes me wish there was a baby on the way so I could make one :o)

Julie Hunt said...

I just started sewing myself and have come to love it! Would you mind emailing me directions on how to make your bibs?

Chriss Blagrave said...

What a darling bib indeed! You are oh so , so talented Kelly! Hope you are feeling well,

lynn said...

so sweet-great gift idea!