Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Flowers baby ensemble

When I made this for a baby shower, it was January and the thought of spring seemed a long time away.  I really was drawn to all of the fabrics because of their "cheeriness"!  By the way, I promise this is the last baby ensemble for a while. There are no babies due in the neighborhood until that crazy or what?  There is one due in  April, but I already got her a gift.  I might whip up some headbands, but that will be it.  Making baby gifts is one of my favorite things to do, because everything is small and doesn't take a lot of time.
I first made the quilt, which is easy. I like making them because they work up so fast. There is no quilting to do, there is no binding to do and the moms seem to really like them. I know that I love them for my babies.  I usually use an odd number of fabrics, but for some reason, I really liked the four of these together. I ended up using four on the quilt in my previous post as well.  I am sure I am breaking some serious design rules, but I liked it, so I went with it.
I have never made flannel shoes before, but they didn't have any matching regular fabric so I took a risk. I will admit that it was a little harder to work with, but they worked up just as nice.  The flower on the toe ended up being a little bigger than I was expecting due to the stiffness of the flannel.  At least I know what to expect if I ever use flannel again.
The bib was made with left over scraps from the quilt. Again, I didn't have any regular quilting fabric, so I used what I had.  It is a little smaller than what I usually make, but this size is nice for smaller babies, either when they are teething and have a tendency to drool all over everything or when they are eating their first foods and don't get super messy.

Of course, no baby ensemble would be complete without a few headbands. The first one was made with die cut flannel flowers folded and then a pearl was sewn to the middle.  I added a few felt leaves to the larger flower. The second headband is a simple one made with ribbon, but I added a gem to the middle for a little sparkle.  Hopefully she will find all of these things useful.  Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!

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Debra said...

Honestly, these items are so beautiful! You could open your own 'baby gift shop' - but then it would be work! Really nice though!