Friday, March 15, 2013

Sweet Little Baby Boy Gift Ensemble

As promised, here is the baby boy gift set that I have been working on this week!  I had a lot of fun making each item.  Originally I went to the fabric store to find flannel to make a rag quilt. I fell in love with all of these cute prints, but as I was getting my fabric cut. I noticed that they had the same fabrics in cotton. I quickly ran over and grabbed two prints that would work well for ties.  Once I was done making the ties, I had enough fabric left over for a bib, but only the two prints. One more trip to the fabric store remedied that and I grabbed two more prints to make the bib. My cute little 3 year old now wants a car tie and a car bib.  He put his stamp of approval on this ensemble! I added a picture of the coordinating tag and card that I made as well.  I love pulling it all together! Have a great day!
The two ties were made from a tutorial I found on Pinterest. If you search on Pinterest for baby tie tutorial, you should be able to find it. I really like it because they turn out nice and it is a really easy pattern to follow! I actually made two more ties this afternoon for my boys to wear to church on Sunday for St. Patrick's Day. They work up really quickly and are quite addicting.

I know you are probably sick of these bibs, but they are one of my signature gift items. If you have a baby you can pretty much count on getting one of these bibs from me.
Again, another one of my signature baby gift items. I always feel so good when I see the recipient of one of my quilts with it in their car seat every time I see them.  I apologize for the wrinkly look, but I had it rolled up and it was hard to get smooth.


katrynka said...

I love the things you made! Is the quilt flannel, and you wash it to make it shredded looking at the seams?

Kelly Lunceford said...

Yes...that is right. I have a rag quilt tutorial on my sidebar if you would like to see it.